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National Head & Neck Oncology Meeting


Dr Judith Christian

Dr Christian works as a Head and Neck Oncologist in Nottingham with two great colleagues, Matt Griffin and Alastair McCabe. She is Head of service for Radiotherapy there and has worked hard for MVision to be available in the centre.

Dr Christian has loved the huge range of trials coming out and has been local PI for Trilynx Debio/ Induce 3 and 4/ TACTI/Torpdeo amongst others over the last couple of years.

The centre uses digital PROMS both for our Head and Neck late effects programme but also to replace clinic appointments for immunotherapy.

The Head and Neck radiotherapy team is made up with specialist early and late effects radiographers/SALT/dietetics/trials and digital PROMS nurses. The team has a great time together, love their patients and their next night out is a kebab night.